«Si bleu, si calme»
(1997) for 16 players

B-fl (fl), Ob, Cl, B-cl, C-bsn, Hrn, Tp, Trb, 2Perc, Pf,

 Akiyoshidai International Festival Commission
 Premiere : August 27, 1997 Akiyoshidai International Festival
 Klangforum Wien
 Cond. Johannes Kalitzke
 Duration : 12 minutes
 Publisher : Breitkopf & Härtel

 Scientific thinking about nature and its mysteries is a great source of inspiration for my work. The natural cycles of water and air are the underlying ideas of « Si bleu, si calme » : condensation and evaporation, winds and currents. « Bleu » (blue) stands for the elements air and water, and « Calme » (calm) refers to space and silence. In musical terms, the complex « Bleu » tends toward development and growing complexity, while « Calme » works on the simplification of intervals and rhythmical figures. Inthe course of the piece’s successive phases of other, they attract and repel each other in various forms of expression. I have also transposed electro-acoustic data-processing methods in composing for instruments, e.g. metric compression or enlargement, as well as the duplication and reversal of musical motifs.

 Misato Mochizuki

Si bleu, si calme