«Quark -Intermezzi III»
(2010) for Percussion solo

Sumire Yoshihara Commission
Premiere: November 25, 2010
Sumire Yoshihara
Tokyo Bunka Kaikan
Duration: 13 minutes


Double buzz bow 1 (the lowest possible), Double buzz bow 2 (Double buzz bow available at:, Spring Drum wawa (with handle, available at: “Boîte à tonnerre 2 peaux”  Réf: 4069), Hose, more than 6 different pitched Rins (Japanese metal bowls), Tamtam (thin and large, with Furin -small Japanese bell- attached on the support), Timpani, Bass Drum (very big), 4 Gongs or any metal dish shaped instruments in 4 different pitches on sponge (2 small, about 15 cm diameter one and 2 medium large about 35 cm diameter; the one with more than 5 cm high “wall” and the other with 1 cm)

 *Double buzz bow 1, spring drum, whistling, hose and the first rin should share a common overtone structure. (±50cents).